Liquid Force Next Wakeboard 2016

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Liquid Force Next Wakeboard 16


The NEXT is exactly what the name says… it’s Bob Soven’s NEXT pro model.   Based on his previous board and its hull characteristics, the NEXT is a modern version that comes to us at over a pound lighter and much thinner.  If you loved the speed and quickness that came out of his past model, you’re going to love the fiery pop and extra response that this new revved up version provides!  His new ride is much lighter because of our new innovative ash veneer/PU core that removes weight, yet keeps the board extra lively.  The new Vector Net weave adds a layer of unmatched torsional strength which allows the rider to stay firmly in control of the board when charging off any sized wake. If you’re looking for a board that is all about quickness and explosiveness off the wake, Bob’s pro model should be your NEXT ride!


135cm ~ 100 - 170 lbs.

139cm ~ 140 - 210 lbs.

143cm ~ 170 - 230+ lbs.


Aggressive Three Stage Rocker Ash Veneer/PU composite Core

Single to Double Venturi Hull

Edge Channels

Pro-Glass Combo Layup

RX Quad Fin Setup

“Vector Net”

Flex rating of 3

Performance of 6-10

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