Liquid Force Eclipse Wakeboard 2019

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Park riders from around the world were stoked the first time they hopped on the Eclipse. The consensus is that this is the board you want when hitting kickers. The new all-wood core and added length allow for super soft landings. In the words of Daniel Grant, " The Eclipse lets me charge kickers all day long without feeling like I'm dropping off a building." Featuring the Liquid Force exclusive Sintered Grind base for durability, Triax glass for springy flex, and an all-wood core,  this board can handle every obstacle in the park. Included in this new design is the LF exclusive Flex Track system. The track moves with you as you arc into carves and press onto rails creating an unmatched connection between you and your board. The Eclipse is Liquid Force's longer park board designed for those who are going for bigger air and need a board that can bring softer landings, as well as for those looking to just cruise and lap the park efficiently on a board with more surface area than most.

If you're looking for a similar board that is built for aggressiveness over stability, check out the Liquid Force Tao.


150 cm = 130 - 260 lbs. 

155 cm = 150 - 280 lbs.

160 cm = 170 - 300 lbs

165 cm = 190 - 330+ lbs 

  • 3 Stage Rocker

  • Full Wood CNC'd Core
    The all-new bulletproof wood core allows for even more flex on the rails.

  • Grind Base
    Get the strongest base possible while maintaining the performance features of each finely tuned hull shape. Our Grind Base molds to the board’s contours and provides solid protection all season long and is available in a wide range of colors and styles for all park and all-terrain models.

  • Liquid Rails
    Our elastomeric sidewalls deliver unsurpassed durability and strength for your endless cable park progression. This color-coded material moves with your board as it flexes and keeps it together through every hit and rail you can dish out.

  • Flex Track
    The track moves with you and the board as you twist into carves and press onto rails creating an unmatched connection, making you and your board one!

  • Compatible with any Binding, Optimized with 4D

  • Finless
    Sometimes less is more. Why have fins if you don’t use them. Daniel Grant doesn’t so why should you?

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