Liquid Force Asym Noodle Wakeboard 2020

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  • Asymetricle Shape for a true performance board
  • Flex tip pattern makes this board a dream on the rails
  • Longer Toesdide Edge/Shorter Heelside edge for a fast rail to rail ride
  • Beveled Liquidrail Sidewalls for a bomb proof, hang up free board

Building upon the design of the Noodle, the 2020 Aysm Noodle features an all new outline with a longer effective edge on the toe side to generate more speed and a shorter deeper parabolic edge on the heal side for sharper, snappier hacks. A new flex tip pattern compliments the outline to give the board a unique flex pattern to have your board twisting and turning into new dimensions in your rail lines. To finish it out, the single concave provides a clean efficient bottom shape to provide easy glide and consistent response to get you where you need to go and where you wish you could be…

Summed up, This board slays the Park. The Soft Flex and Asymetricle shape make this board the king of the rails. 

SizeLengthWidthRockerStance RangeRider WeightRocker TypeCore


58.3"(t) / 55.9"(h)
148(t )/ 142 cm(h)
14.7"(ctr) / 15.6"(wd)
37.2(ctr) / 39.7 cm(wd)
7.1 cm
21.2 - 26.5” 4D / 22.7 - 25.5" 6X
54.0 - 67.3 cm 4D / 57.8 - 64.8 cm
140 - 200 lbs
63 - 91 kg
Progressive 3 Stage All-Wood Profiled


59.8"(t) / 57.5"(h)
152(t) / 146 cm(h)
15.0"(ctr) / 16.0"(wd)
38.2(ctr) / 40.7 cm(wd)
7.3 cm
21.7 - 27.0” 4D / 23.2 - 26.0" 6X
55.2 - 68.6 cm 4D / 59.0 - 66.0 cm
160 - 230 lbs
73 - 105 kg
Progressive 3 Stage All-Wood Profiled

The Toeside edge is Longer than the Healside edges. The Smaller size is a 148cm Toe Edge, with a 142cm Heal Edge. The Bigger size is a 152cm Toe Edge, with a 146cm Heal Edge.

  • NEW – Asymmetric Sidecut and Tip Shape
  • Longer Toeside Edge/Shorter Heelside Edge
  • 148T/142H & 152T/146Hcm
  • 2D Asym FlexZone™ Tip Design
  • Progressive 3-Stage Rocker
  • LF FlexTrack™ System
  • Full FSC™ Certified Paulownia Wood Profiled Core
  • Reinforced Biax Glass Layup
  • Variable Radius Single Concave Hull
  • Beveled LiquidRail™ Sidewalls
  • Compatible w/ all Bindings; Optimized with 4D™

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